Daylight Savings: 5 Fashion, Beauty & Health Tips

How are you adjusting to losing an hour of sleep?

I know. I know.

The transition to daylight savings time can be brutal because the body has a harder time adjusting to losing sleep. However, style and beauty maintenance don't have to suffer. Here are five tips to help you keep your body and style on track as you adjust to the time difference:

1. Heatless hairstyles will be the way to go as your body adjusts to the new schedule. Try spritzing your hair with water, using a small amount of styling foam, and pull your hair back into two braids or a bun all day. The next day, take down bun/or braids, then you will have instant hair magic. Finger through your deep waves and go about your business.

2. Keeping a normal sleep pattern will be your saving grace. Increased sleep deprivation can also decrease brain function. Try to resume your normal sleep schedule as quickly as possible. That means for the rest of the week, wake up at the time you normally would or maybe even a little earlier. Avoid taking naps. The goal here is to be so tired that you easily fall asleep at your normal bedtime, allowing you to get back on schedule as soon as possible.

3. Morning person or not, deciding on what to wear is always a stressful ordeal. Give yourself a break this week and go for work-play chic styles. Utilize pieces that are effortless yet trendy such as a one-shoulder jumpsuit to take you from meetings to happy hour.

4. Waking up like Beyoncé isn’t ideal, but we can certainly strive for it. Right?! For starters, try a brightening mask or cream with some good ole vitamin C goodness. Also, topical caffeinated beauty products result in smoother and tighter skin.

5. Celebrate your transition into spring by turning up the glam factor. Tops with ruffles and lace can help you feel beautiful and glamorous. Turn heads in red with a bold color dress from head-to-toe.

Keeping your style on point will take you into the new season feeling just how you look - fabulous.